RCP Voice

Today’s society is becoming increasingly dependant upon technology. People young and old communicate through social media, text messages, and email. But there is simply no replacement for genuine human contact. For seeing a smiling face. For hearing a calming voice. For a firm handshake.

This is the philosophy we live by at RCP. We understand that we’re not just managing property, we’re managing people. Their joys, their concerns, their daily routines, their neighborhoods. So we try to bring a personal touch to everything we touch.

With a track record that goes back 30 years, RCP has the experience to handle any situation an association will face. And we’re still small enough that, in addition to returning calls on a timely basis, our property managers are open to taking calls 24/7. In many instances, a phone call isn’t even needed because we work out of offices right in the communities we serve.

In addition to being accessible, we’re also known for being honest. In our handling of your resources, but also in our assessments and recommendations. You can rest assured that RCP will not tell you what you want to hear. We will tell you what you need to hear. We will tell you the truth.

Delivering a candid assessment or frank recommendation isn’t always easy. But we do it because we care. About our communities, our clients, and our co-workers.

It’s fitting that RCP is in the community management industry because our company is very much a healthy community itself — a collection of people who share a common goal and location. As befits a healthy community, our staff feels connected and open with each other. We enjoy each other’s company. We like to have fun together. The voice process was not cradled in the hands of a few, but embraced by every single person in the company.

At RCP we care for each community as if it were our own.

In our communications, the caring side of RCP should always come through loud and clear. Whether it’s in a headline, a photo, or even a nice closing sentence. Our personal touch is what truly sets us apart, and we must dimensionalize it whenever possible.

Even though we’re targeting a wider range of clientele moving forward, we realize the importance of being approachable. With every message, our audience should walk away really liking us. But at the same time, they need to believe we have the experience they can depend on to handle anything in their absence. They must have confidence in our words and promises.

This may require more of a storytelling approach. One that allows our personality to come through while delivering a pertinent business message. In other words, we won’t just share stories — we’ll share stories with a point.

Sometimes the RCP story will be told by co-workers. Other times by clients. And once in a while, perhaps, even one of our neighbors.