Steps to Implement Diversity in Your Community Association

by rcpmanagemedev, January, 15 2023

In today’s community association management, it is crucial to have a diverse and inclusive workforce and corporate policies that respect all perspectives. Developing a dedicated diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) program is an essential step for many community management firms. 

Here are some key terms to understand when building a DEI program:

  • Diversity: Ensuring that everyone has a seat at the table
  • Equity: Ensuring that everyone has freedom from bias or favoritism
  • Inclusion: Ensuring that everyone can contribute

To successfully implement a DEI program, there are two types of audiences to consider. The first is those who are vulnerable to discrimination and bias-based decisions. The second is those who have the power to ensure that employees from diverse backgrounds are treated fairly at all levels of leadership and decision-making and are compensated fairly.

A diverse workforce has been shown to lead to greater financial returns. Retention is also key as exclusion based on identity can lead to demoralization and loss of productivity. Companies may choose to engage an outside consultant to help identify and develop viable processes, as well as gather data and analytics to plan a scalable DEI strategy.

To build an inclusive community and a sense of belonging, employee resource groups can be developed to raise cultural competence, recognize and encourage professional growth, and demonstrate commitment to uplifting local communities. These groups can be used to increase diversity in leadership development programs.

Leadership development programs should be open to all and should provide content that supports the development of inclusive leadership skills. To identify behaviors essential to DEI efforts, a leadership competency model should be developed. Programs that maximize visibility and understanding can be created by using employee feedback, such as paying tribute to the past to motivate current and future generations of achievers.

To ensure the success of the DEI program, a commitment to a process of continuous improvement is crucial. This includes launching employee-wide training on inclusivity and incorporating DEI elements into leadership development programs. By committing to the process, companies can ensure that their workforce and corporate policies respect all perspectives and will be successful in the long term.

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