What to Know About Holiday Decorations in HOAs

by rcpmanagemedev, November, 15 2022

Because of the various demographics present in the United States, homeowners associations might have difficulty deciding who is allowed to put up which decorations and when.

A way to keep holiday displays regulated is by giving the owner a specific window of time frame to put up their decorations. A general rule would be two weeks before and after the date of the calendar for that holiday.

In addition, boards should think about limiting the number of hours when celebrants are able to turn on their holiday lights. Without restrictions, displays could become problems for neighbors- especially in cases like balconies that are shared.

Likewise, boards may opt to ban sounds that are particularly irritating, such as music or recordings of “Ho, ho, ho.” You know the type- sounds that can make you want to tear your hair out.

When coming up with a holiday decorating game plan, consider the following:


Holiday decorations should only be displayed a maximum of X days before and after the actual holiday.

Common Areas

To ensure that all residents are represented during this holiday season, a committee will survey what holidays they celebrate. From there, the association will install appropriate decorations in common areas, such as small white lights on trees and menorahs. However, Santa figures, sleighs, reindeer and Nativity scenes are not allowed on common property elements.

Individual Properties

Homeowners are allowed to install decorations on their properties, but there are a few guidelines that must be followed. Holiday lighting can only be used from sunset until 10 p.m., and it cannot interfere with a neighbor’s use of his or her property. In addition, the decorations must not be offensive or obscene.


Any items that don’t match these guidelines will be taken down by the organization.

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