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In the Middle of Difficulty Lies Opportunity by Kristina Munson, RCP Management Company

Albert Einstein once said that “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity”.  This year has certainly seen its share of difficulties, but as we (hopefully) come out the other side of one of the most significant human and economic events

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Gov. Murphy: NJ Indoor Dining To Resume Amid Coronavirus Crisis from NJ Patch

NEW JERSEY – Gov. Phil Murphy announced on Monday that indoor dining can finally resume, starting on Friday. Murphy announced that restaurants across the state will be able to open for indoor dining beginning this Friday, Sept. 4, at 25

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Governor Murphy is expected to announce today the opening of fitness centers in New Jersey, effective September 1, 2020, with restrictions. Fitness centers have been closed to the public in accordance with Executive Order 104. The Governor previously stated, in

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Tapping Reserves in a Time of Financial Crisis – NJ Cooperator

It’s a question we’re asked all the time: “Can we use reserves to cover an operating fund shortfall?” Under normal circumstances, our standard response would be an emphatic “No!” — because reserves are for major repair and replacement projects. But

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Leadership Lies at the Heart of Diversity and Inclusion – National Real Estate Investor

What do great leaders do? That’s a critically important question for this moment in time, as we see the social unrest that has knocked COVID-19 news stories off the front pages. It’s a significant moment. As I made clear in

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NJ Board of Public Utilities Prepares for Second Year of Community Solar Program by Greenbaum, Rowe, Smith and Davis

August 3, 2020 In order to achieve New Jersey’s ambitious goal of generating all of the State’s electricity from clean energy sources by 2050, and to ensure that low and moderate income (LMI) residents can realize the benefits of renewable

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The Financial Statement Audit as a Useful Tool in the Budget Process by Samuel Schneider, CPA

When preparing the Association’s operating budget, there are several useful tools at the Board’s disposal.  One of those tools is the annual financial statement audit.  During the budget process, an important step is to project out the remaining months of

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Board Members – Continuing Education for Life! by Mary Faith Nugiel, President, RCP

You like the look of the place.  You like the feel of the place.  Maybe there’s a pool, a clubhouse, some tennis courts.  It feels like it could be home.  So, you move into a community association.  It’s everything you

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How to Destress when your Ride Home Becomes a Walk Down the Hallway by Shawna Zuhl

 A year ago, my employer approved for me to work from home one day a week and let me tell you, it was Music to my ears! That’s how I felt when my employer announced that we can now have

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During a pandemic, you’re in an elevator, the door opens, and someone steps in wearing no mask, stands right next to you, and starts pressing the buttons with their naked fingers. What do you do? You see your coworker in

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